freckle season

First, spring starts in a whisper

Limbs reaching and bending

To follow as planed, their circular completion

Silent annual revolution

the desert of the seasons breathes

drenched breaths of honey-suckle.

Quietly delivering a fairness in health

Forgiven by the jasmine

Wealthy familiars in their perfected craft

the will to live thrives and hides

in thickets of climbing fig,

sprouting lazily, with the want of a

heavy life, sustainance for the summer

and love notes in fall

littered daises on the lawn

Swath-range of greens, important variety

rinsing my sight of December’s cruel reign

And filling your somber parts with sun

Relaying swiftly five kinds of songs

About hearts and/or heart things

Crucial variety, fresh lung-language-learning

it is an expansion

not into the

void, but from

within it, glass walls punctured

by roots, pulsing with secrets and promises

of awe.