About Agathisms;

Agathist (AG-uh-thist): n. from the Greek-derived agath (good.)

“The doctrine that all things tend towards ultimate good. As distinguished from optimism, which holds that all things are now for the best.”

The content of these pages includes original abstract paintings by contemporary artist, Elaine Wendt. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Elaine is a self taught artist and musician. Her music can be found on SoundCloud, here.

All available art in her current collections are available for purchase on Elaine’s Etsy page, here.

Artist Statement:

Coming from a place where words are unhelpful and unnecessary, it is difficult to come up with the right things to say about what my art is, or what it means. Knowing what is eventually understood or experienced is ultimately determinant on the viewer, I can say that these are experiments.

It might not so much have to do necessarily with creativity, but expression and truth. It need not be related to a sound or an image, but instead, a feeling or a drive, a sensation to be explored within the realms of the physical world. To fulfill a desire for fullness, or completeness, oneness. The result of a combination of certain stimuli at a certain place, during a certain time, tapping into the universal truth that we all have access to. This is the place of  my creative expression.


My works are created from a place of curiosity, vulnerability, necessity and courage.
Working in remote sensing and geospatial technologies has given me the unique opportunity to display the world I live in, as seen from satellites through pixels and digital data. Art has given me the opportunity to display the world as seen by my own two eyes in a way that I feel explores the sensitivities often hidden in a technological world.
While studying art in 2012, I decided that being an art student and being an artist were two entirely different things and thus began my journey through geography and geospatial technology. The artwork I produce reflects combinations of these disciplines as well as something else entirely that is best described by my paintings themselves.