My name is Elaine Wendt and I was born and raised in Texas. I am a geographer by trade and an abstract painter by necessity. The themes that I explore in my work involve intimate investigations of our experience as humans on this wonderful and strange planet. If that sounds a bit broad, that’s because it is. I have found that the breadth of subject matter I am interested in examining is constantly evolving, while remaining tied to my academic background in earth system sciences. The subsequent result has become something of an abstracted atlas.

As a researcher, I have had the opportunity to work in the Campanario Biological Reserve station in Costa Rica (2015), in the Rockies with the University of Colorado (2016-2018) and with the United Nations in the Austrian Alps (2021-2023). These experiences have shaped the way I understand the systems at work on our planet. You can view some of my academic papers here. Specifically within the world of earth system science, my work as a geographer relies heavily on the use of GIS (geographic information systems). This incredible tool has expanded and influenced my understanding of color, shape and form not only within the world of science but in my studio and on my canvases. Where color can provide valuable data in my research, it conveys complex emotions and ideas in my art. The interconnectivity between art and science is where my passion truly lies, and has proven to be a continuous source of inspiration.

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