Artist Statement:

“This is about bringing something into the world that shows the capacity of transformation from pain to growth from within the human heart. To remind people that there is a simple beauty to be found in all things. Because when you can learn to look at art this way, you can learn to look at the world this way. I want to remind people that so many incredibly perfect things have to happen for you to just wake up in the morning, let alone to make some kind of connection through something like art or philosophy. I am interested communicate messages around needing less and appreciating things the way they are, not needing to be perfect—a lot of the same ideas that go into a mentality of sustainability.”


What does ‘agathisms’ mean?

I found the word agathism while looking for something I could use as a sort of pseudonym. After having studied environmental science and geospatial information systems (GIS) I found that there were so many incredible opportunities at my fingertips to contribute to making the world a better place. My artwork is a large part of that. So, when I found the word agathism, it almost immediately became my life’s philosophy; It describes the world in a way that enables an individual to become responsible for the outcomes of their actions. It goes beyond existentialism and beyond optimism or pessimism- stating that everything, no matter how good or how bad, will eventually contribute towards the ultimate good of the universe. The individual might not be able to grasp the entirity of goodness that will be an eventual result of his or her actions, but it is the ultimate direction of all things. I’ve found a sort of portal into that world, and each one of my pieces acts as evidence that these experiences of pain and ugliness and greed can be transformed into something truly good. Each one of my pieces is an agathism…

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