Take Off Your Hat

Take off your hat.

I want to dance on top of your head.

And braid myself into your hair

In tangled sleeping cycles

in your messied bed.

I wonder about how long your arms are

And how they fit around my aching shoulders

Which positions we will fall into

And the rhythms we could form.

I wonder which dusty trails will catch our

daydream movements and laughter

When our busy schedules slow to a pause.

I try not to worry

About the inevitable day

When my words get stuck and your

Patience grows thin,

If you’ll still want the touch

of my small hands inside of your calloused ones

The grip of my angry-woman side

Even when in solutitude we share

A thing that doesn’t hide.

Because, like we do

In our hot hour, it comes,

this kind of day, without warning

And I’m not ready for that I think

So please be gentle, for now

You can squeeze my hands

Just please be gentle when you want to understand

You can rally all the heartbreak you never

wanted to feel.

I will have patience,

Of that I am so certain.

But I hope you’ll be gentle

When I cannot be.

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