New lessons on their way

My glasses dirtied from visions passed

The entrance game and another dice

Rolling on and on

As things like this, tend to do

I could not have left

My echo chamber

My wings were stuck

To the the puke on my bathroom floor

Hold me closer

Tiny answer

Tiny ants were

Swimming down my sink

They thought this must be the place

Who am I to say they’re wrong?

I might have been a dance

You knew when you were young

But I make you up as I go along

“It’s okay, have another one!”

Nothings wrong if nothing is right

You can always turn around

Or spin in a circle

If you wanted to

If someone tells you, “you are wrong”

Turn around again and remind them

How to dance

Because if your heart is pure

Even if your words are harsh

You are music for those who listen

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